How We Do It

1. First we’ll work on your Preliminary Designs. With a careful examination of your home and the knowledge of building specifications, Solaris and our team will produce concept plans. In many cases Solaris is given little to work with, and asked to develop layouts without any existing drawings or materials to work from. Solaris will take the challenge and prove to be innovative and responsive.

2. Your Timeline & Price. Solaris can offer you a timeline—a stage by stage plan for the renovation or new build we undertake.  The price is normally calculated one of 2 methods:  for architecturally designed work, we may offer you, the homeowner a SET PRICE.  For typical home owner generated renovations, we will bring you a COST-PLUS proposal that continually bring to you the ongoing renovations as the project develops

3. Preparing your Final Drawings. The architectural set of drawings Solaris typically provides consists of a cover sheet, floor plan, exterior elevations and interior sections. The drawings include Electrical, Mechanical, Doors, Windows, data and telephone connections.  Solaris will recommend an architecture firm specializing in helping home owners on the West Side design and build homes that meet your discerning needs.  The Solaris recommended architect will design beautiful and functional renovations that embrace the design of the rest of your home. 

4. Signing the Contract. A residential construction contract includes three basic elements: project scope, schedule of work and payment details. The property owner who has requested the work and the project manager for the construction company must sign the contract. The project scope is a statement of exactly what construction work is included in the contract.  At this stage all Exterior Design including Exterior Cladding – Shingles, Stucco, Rock is decided.  The Windows & Doors; Decks and Railings are all decided.  At this stage also some of  the Interior Design Features, including the Electrical ceiling fixtures (pots only); heating and cooling, and the rough specs of appliances are settled.

5. The Permit Stage. If asked, Solaris in combination with the Architect will manage all permits with the municipality, gas and electric services related to the successful completion of your project.  At this stage the Fireplace, the Low Voltage (phone, security, cable & media), Vacuum, is specified.

6. Touring Your Home. The homeowner is welcomed on to the site for project updates and to arrange project coordination meetings as frequently as desired.  The main tour will take place when framing is completed and before the electrical, plumbing and heating services are supplied.  At this stage the Cabinets; Counters; Interior & Exterior Paint Colours; Flooring (Wood, Carpet, Tile) and hanging Electrical Fixtures are chosen

7. The Finished Product. Solaris will arrange the final completion and certification of all aspects of the project, such as final approvals, and ensure that all deficiencies are completed to the homeowner’s is satisfaction.  Solaris will provide you with a complete set of record documents for your entire project, including drawings, all the owner’s manuals.