This is right at the heart of Solaris Properties.  As much as we experience corporate and personal success through working here, we believe that the greatness of our lives will be measured by the lives we have impacted outside of work. We invite employees and others to consider impacting the world around them and beyond their borders through giving, leading, and serving others.

We are exploring ways to share our skills and wealth with the poor in the developing world through our relationship with WOW Ventures.  The first projects we have supported through this partnership are:

New School in Sierra Leone

The civil war of the 1990’s decimated Sierra Leone – 1270 elementary schools alone were destroyed. By 2001 67% of the nation’s children were without education.  In July 2010 volunteers from Calgary went to Bo, Sierra Leone to build the “Every Nation Academy” Elementary school. Construction began in July and is set to finish by January 2011. The power of education lies not in the pages of textbooks, or the recital of facts and figures. It resides in the mind of achild who is taught how to think. A child who learns to do this is a child that is empowered to bring transformation.

Clean Water in the Philippines.

Nearly 60% of the groundwater sources in the Philippines are contaminated and unsafe for drinking, which leads to the deaths of thousands of children each year.  Impact Nations Philippines, Inc. has been working on the island of Mindanao since 2007 to bring safe drinking water to families in rural villages.  WOW Ventures is currently working with the Impact Nations team on strategies that will lead to hundreds of thousands of people receiving safe drinking water in the coming years.